Chronicles of Merlin

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Merlin is up to his magical mischief again, and this time he’s created a catastrophic rift in time. In Chronicles of Merlin, players are caught in the rift and transported back to Merlin’s alternate reality alongside the greatest heroes and villains of all history. In a land called Westmore where the strong rule with an iron fist over the weak, you’ll need to rally heroes to your side and quickly make some allies to survive.

Koramgame’s newest magnum opus is an innovative hybrid of popular strategy and RPG games; You don’t want to miss the stunning visuals, in-depth strategy, and epic scale of Merlin’s alternate reality. Absent of all the tedious city building of traditional RPGs and level grinding of RPGs, Chronicles of Merlin is a faced paced, action packed journey through the ancient world of Westmore. You’ll soon be unable to tear yourself away from stalking Robin Hood through the forest, facing down a Mongolian horde, or raiding a pharaoh’s tomb on your grand adventure.

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Chronicles of Merlin, 2.6 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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