Master List

Game NameCategoryGeneraGraphicsRetail PriceFee
12 Sky 2MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
2029 OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
22 Moon at WarMMORPGSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
2MoonsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
3D ChatSocialModern3DFreeFree to Play
4StoryMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
5 Minute MMORPGMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
7MillionSocialModern3DFreeFree to Play
8 RealmsMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
8BitMMOMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
9 EmpiresMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
9DragonsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
A Mystical LandMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
A Tale In the Desert IVMMORPGHistorical3DFree$13.95 Monthly
Ace of Spades: Battle BuilderMMOFPSSci-Fi3D$14.99Free to Play
ACE OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Adventure QuestMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Adventure Quest WorldMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Adventure Time Battle PartyMOBAFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Aeon RivalsMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
AerrevanMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Age of ArmorMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Age of Conan - Hyborian AdventuresMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Age of Empires OnlineMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Age of Wushu MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Aida ArenasMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
AIKA OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
AionMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Air RivalsMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
AirMechMMO StrategySci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
AlganonMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Allods OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
America's ArmyMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
America’s Army: Proving GroundsMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Anarchy OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Angel OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Anrufen OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFree$12.99 Monthly
APB: All Points BulletinMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Arch LordMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Arch Lord IIMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Arena OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Arena of FateMOBASci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Argo OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
ARK: Survival EvolvedMMORPGSci-Fi3D$29.99Free to Play
Arma 2MMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Arma 3MMOFPSModern3D$32.99Free to Play
Armada OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Asda StoryMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Ashen EmpiresMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Asheron's CallMMORPGFantasy3D$9.99$12.99 Monthly
Astonia IIIMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Atlantica OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Aura KingdomMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Aurora BladeMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Auto Club RevolutionMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
AVA - Alliance of Vailant ArmsMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Avalon HeroesMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Avatar Legends of the ArenaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
AwesomenautsMOBASci-Fi2D$9.99Free to Play
AWplanetMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$3.00 Monthly
Azuga: Age of ChaosMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
BandmasterMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
BatheoMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Battery OnlineMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Battle of DestinyMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Battle of the ImmortalsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Battlefield HeroesMMOFPSHistorical3DFreeFree to Play
Battlefield Play 4 FreeMMOFPSHistorical3DFreeFree to Play
Battlestar GalacticaMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Beasts of PreyMMOFPSSci-Fi3D$11.99Free to Play
Bite FightMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Black ProphecyMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Blacklight RetributionMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
BlackMoon ChroniclesMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Bloodline ChampionsMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Bones UndergroundMMORPGSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
BotsMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Bounty Hounds OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Brawl BustersMMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Break RoomSocialSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Broken RealmMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Bullet RunMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
C9 - Continent of the NinthMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Cabal OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
CaesaryMMO StrategyHistorical2DFreeFree to Play
Call of Duty Black Ops 2MMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Call of Duty: GhostMMOFPSModern3D$19.99Free to Play
Call of GodsMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Call of ThronesMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Candy Sugar KingdomSocialFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Cannons Lasers RocketsMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Captains of DarkTideMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
CardMon HeroMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Carnage RacingMMO SportFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Castle of HeroesMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Celtic HeroesMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Champions OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Chaos Heroes OnlineMOBAFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Chaos OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Chronicles of MerlinMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
City of Heroes Going RogueMMORPGSci-Fi3DN/AN/A
City of HerosMMORPGSci-Fi3DN/AN/A
City of SteamMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree
City of VillainsMMORPGSci-Fi3DN/AN/A
Cloud NineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Club PenguinSocialFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Combat ArmsMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Command & Conquer Tiberium AlliancesMMO StrategySci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Conquer OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Core BlazeMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
CorumMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Counter-Strike SourceMMOFPSModern3D$9.99Free to Play
Craft of GodsMMORPGFantasy3DN/AN/A
Crazy TaoMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Crime Craft: Gang WarsMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
CronousMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Cross FireMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Crowns Of PowerMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Crystal SagaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Cue OnlineMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
Cultures OnlineMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
DalethaanMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Daragons of AtlantisMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dark Age of CamelotMMORPGFantasy3DFree$14.00 Monthly
Dark AgesMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dark EdenMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Dark OrbitMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Darkblood OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars
MMO StrategyFantasy3D$19.99Free to Play
Day of DefeatMMOFPSHistorical3D$9.99Free to Play
DayZMMOFPSHorror3D$34.99Free to Play
DC UniverseMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$14.99 Monthly
DDTankMMO SportFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
DDTank 2MMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dead FrontierMMORPGHorror3DFreeFree to Play
Decide OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Deco OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
DefianceMMOFPSSci-Fi3D$39.99Free to Play
Destiny OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Diablo 3MMORPGHorror3D$59.99Free to Play
Digimon MastersMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dirty BombMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
DiscipleMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
District 187MMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Divine SoulsMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
DOFUSMMORPGFantasy2DFree$3.00 Monthly
Dragon BornMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dragon FableMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dragon NestMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dragon OathMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dragon PalsMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dragons ProphetMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dragon SagaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dragon SkyMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dragon SoulMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dragona OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Dragonica OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Drakensang OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
DransikMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dream of Mirror OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
DreamlordsMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Drift CityMMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Dungeon BlitzMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dungeon Fighter OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dungeon PartyMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dungeon RunnersMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of NeverwinterMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dungeons and Dragons Online: StormreachMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Dynasty SagaMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Dynasty Warriors OnlineMMORPGHistorical3DFreeFree to Play
Earth EternalMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Ecol TacticsMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Einherjar - The Viking's BloodMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Elder Scrolls OnlineMMORPGFantasy3D$59.99Free to Play
Elf OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Elsword OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Empire and StateMMO StrategySci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Empire of SportsMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
Endless OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Ensemble OnlineMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Entropia UniverseMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Epic DuelMMORPGSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
ErebusMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
EREBUS 2MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
ErepublikMMO StrategySci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Eternal BladeMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Eternal DestinyMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Eternal LandsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Ether Saga OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Eudemons OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
EUOMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
EVE OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$14.95 Monthly
EverQuest NextMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Everquest SeriesMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
ExteelMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
F.E.A.R. CombatMMOFPSHorror3DFreeFree to Play
Face of MankindMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
FairylandMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Fallen EarthMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Fantasy Earth ZeroMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Fantasy OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Fantasy TennisMMO SportFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
FarmeramaMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Faxion OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Fiesta OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Final Fantasy XIMMORPGFantasy3DN/AN/A
Final Fantasy XIVMMORPGFantasy3DN/AN/A
FirefallMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Fist of FuMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
FlorensiaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Fly For FunMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Football SuperstarsMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
Forsaken WorldMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Forsakia: The Lost ClansMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Fortune OnlineMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
FragoriaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Free RealmsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Free StyleMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
FreeJackMMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
FurcadiaSocialFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Fusion FallMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$10.00 Monthly
Galaxy OnlineMMO StrategySci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Gates of AndaronMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Get Amped 2MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Ghost OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Ghost Recon OnlineMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Ghost XMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Gilfor's TalesMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Global AgendaMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Gods and HeroesMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Gods WarMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Golden AgeMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
GolfstarMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
Gotham City ImpostorsMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Graal OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeN/A
Grand ChaseMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Grand Epic OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Grand FantasiaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
GrepolisMMO StrategyHistorical3DFreeFree to Play
Groove PartyMMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Guild Wars 2MMORPGFantasy3D$59.99Free to Play
Guild Wars SeriesMMORPGFantasy3D$19.99Free to Play
GunboundMMO SportFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
GunshineSocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Gunz OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
H1Z1MMOFPSHorror3D$19.99Free to Play
Habbo HotelSocialFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Hailan RisingMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Happy WarsMMO SportFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcraftMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
HEAT OnlineMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
HedoneMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Hellbreath USAMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
HELLGATEMMOFPSHorror3DFreeFree to Play
Hello HeroMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Hello Kitty OnlineSocialFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Heroes of NewerthMOBAFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Hero OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Hero SmashMMORPGSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Heroes & GeneralsMMOFPSHistorical3DFreeFree to Play
Heroes of Might and Magic OnlineMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Heroes of the StormMOBASci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Heroes of Three KingdomsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
HerotopiaSocialSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
High Street 5MMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Hockey DashMMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Hovo RunMMO SportFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
IllutiaMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Immortal NightsMMO StrategyHorror2DFreeFree to Play
IMO: The World Of MagicMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Imperial WarfareMMO StrategyHistorical2DFreeFree to Play
IMVUSocialModern3DFreeFree to Play
Infestation: Survivor StoriesMMOFPSHorror3D$14.99Free to Play
Infinite CrisisMOBASci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
InfinityMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Infinity WarsMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
IRIS OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Island ForgeMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Islands Of WarMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Jade DynastyMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
JuggernautMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
JumpStartMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
K.O.S. Secret OperationsMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Kabod OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Kal OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
KanevaSocialModern3DFreeFree to Play
King of Kings 3MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Kitsu SagaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Knight OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
KultanMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Kuso PartySocialFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Last ChaosMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Last DynastyMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
LaTaleMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
League of LegendsMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Legend of Martial ArtsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Legend of Mir 3MMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Legend of PersiaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Legend: Legacy of the DragonsMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
LEGO UniverseSocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Level RMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
Lineage IIMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
LoadoutMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
LoongMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Lord of AgesMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Lords of UltimaMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Lords OnlineMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Lost SagaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Lucent HeartMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Luminary Rise of the GoonzuMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Lunaria StoryMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
LuniaMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Luvinia OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
M.A.T. Mission Against TerrorMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
MabinogiMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Maestia OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
MAF OnlineSocialFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Magic the Gathering TacticsMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Magic World OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
MajestyMMO StrategyHistorical2DFreeFree to Play
Maple StoryMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
March of War
MMO StrategyModern3DFreeFree to Play
Mars WarsMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Martial EmpiresMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Martial HeroesMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Marvel HeroesMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Mech QuestMMORPGSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Meine FrontMMO StrategyHistorical2DFreeFree to Play
Meridian 59MMORPGFantasy2DFree$5.00 Monthly
Metal AssaultMMORPGSci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Metin 2MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Micro VoltsMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Minecraft Micro EditionMMORPGFantasy3D$6.99Free to Play
Ministry of WarMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Mir 2MMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Mix MasterMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
MLB Dugout HeroesMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
MO Siang OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Mondo ZooMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Monkey King OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Monkey QuestMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Monster and MeMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Monster ForestMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Mortal OnlineMMORPGFantasy3D$23.96$11.40 Monthly
MU OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Myth Angel OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Myth of SomaMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Myth War IIMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
MytheonMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Mythos EuropeMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
N.E.O. New World OdysseyMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
NadirimMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Navy FieldMMO StrategyHistorical2DFreeFree to Play
Navy ForceMMO StrategyHistorical2DFreeFree to Play
Need for Speed WorldMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
Neo SteamMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
NetherMMOFPSHorror3D$9.99Free to Play
Neverdaunt: 8BitMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Neverland OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
NeverwinterMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Nexus TKMMORPGFantasy2DFree$9.95 Monthly
NIDA OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
NostaleMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
OberinMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Ogre IslandMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
OnverseSocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Operation 7MMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Operation Gamma 41MMO StrategyHistorical2DFreeFree to Play
Order and Chaos OnlineMMORPGFantasy3D$6.99N/A
OurWorldSocialSci-fi3DFreeFree to Play
Our WorldSocialModern2DFreeFree to Play
Over KingsMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
OZSocialFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Pandora SagaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
PangyaMMO SportFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Path of ExileMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
PanzarMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Perfect WorldMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
PERPETUUMMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$9.95 Monthly
Pet ForestMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Pets vs MonstersMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Phantasy Star UniverseMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$10.00 Monthly
Phoenix Dynasty OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Pi StoryMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Pirate GalaxyMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Pirate MaidensMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Pirates of the Burning SeaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Pirates of the Caribbean OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFree$9.95 Monthly
Pirate Storm: Death or glory
MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Plane ShiftMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Planet 51 OnlineSocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Planet CalypsoSocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
PlanetSideMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFree$12.99 Monthly
Pocket LegendsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Pokemon Trading Card Game OnlineMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Pokemon World OnlineMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Pokie NinjaMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Prime WorldMOBAFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Priston Tale 1MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Priston Tale 2MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Prius OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Project BlackoutMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Project Of PlanetsMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Project PowderMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
Project TorqueMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
Puzzle PiratesMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
R2 OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Racing StarsMMO SportFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Ragnarok OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFree$9.99 Monthly
RaiderZMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
RakionMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
RappelzMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Rappelz PhMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Realm of the Mad GodMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Realm of TitansMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Realm of TitiansMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Realms OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Red StoneMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Red WarMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Regnum OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Remnant KnightsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Repulse OnlineMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Requiem BloodymareMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Requiem: Memento MoriMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
RF OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Richman OnlineSocialFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Ridge Racers DrifttopiaMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
RiftMMORPGFantasy3D$49.99$14.95 Monthly
Rise and RuinMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Rise of MythosMMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Risk Your LifeMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Risk Your Life Part 2: Incomplete UnionMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
RobloxSocialFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
ROSE OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Rosh OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
RPG MOMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Rubies of EventideMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
RuinedMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Rumble FighterMMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Runes of MagicMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
RunescapeMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
RustMMOFPSSci-Fi3D$19.99Free to Play
Rusty HeartsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
S4 LeagueMMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Sacred 3MMORPGFantasy3D$19.99Free to Play
Sacred SeasonsMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
SalemMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Sanctioned RenegadesMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Savage EdenMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$9.95 Monthly
Scarlet BladeMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Scarlet LegacyMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Scions of FateMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Second LifeSocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Secret of SolsticeMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Serenia FantasyMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
SevencoreMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Shadow Era: Trading Card GameMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Shadow of LegendMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Shadow TaleMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
ShaiyaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Shattered GalaxyMMO StrategySci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Shattered WorldMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Sherwood DungeonMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Shin Megami Tensei ImagineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Sho OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
SideQuestMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Silk Road OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
SkyforgeMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
SlapshotMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
Smash OnlineMMO SportFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
SMITEMMO StrategyFantasy3D$29.99Free to Play
Sodium OneSocialSci-Fi3DFreeN/A
Soldier FrontMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Soldier Front 2
MMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Soul CaptorMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Soul MasterMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN)MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Soul Order OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Soul SaverMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Special Force: Singapore ChapterMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Spiral KnightsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Spirit LordsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Star ConflictMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Star Trek OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$14.99 Monthly
Star Wars GalaxiesMMORPGSci-Fi3DN/AN/A
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures SocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Star Wars: The Old RepublicMMORPGSci-Fi3D$29.99$14.99 Monthly
Steel LegionsMMO StrategySci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Stone Age 2MMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
StrifeMOBAFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Sudden AttackMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
SwitchinSocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
TaikodomMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Tales RunnerSocialFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Tales WeaverMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Talisman OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Tamer SagaMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Tank BlitzMMO StrategySci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Team Fortress 2MMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Test Drive Unlimited MMO SportModern3D$9.99Free to Play
Test Drive Unlimited 2MMO SportModern3D$19.99Free to Play
The 4th ComingMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
The Castle DoctrineMMORPGFantasy3D$16.00Free to Play
The Chronicles of SpellbornMMORPGFantasy3DFreeN/A
The CrewMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
The HunterMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
The Lord of the Rings OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
MMO StrategyFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
The Secret WorldMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$14.99 Monthly
The WarlordsMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
The War ZMMOFPSSci-Fi3D$15.00Free to Play
The Witcher: VersusMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
ThereSocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Three KingdomsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
TibiaMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Tibia MEMMORPGFantasy2DFree$6.44 Monthly
Titans of TimeMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
TLBB: Tian Long Ba BuMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
TOME: Immortal ArenaMOBAFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Toon TownMMORPGFantasy3DFree$9.95 Monthly
Transformers UniverseMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Traveller ARMMO StrategySci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
TravianMMO StrategyHistorical2DFreeFree to Play
Trickster Online RevolutionMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
TroyMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
TroveMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Turf BattlesMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Twelve SkyMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
TwinitySocialModern3DFreeFree to Play
Ultima OnlineMMORPGFantasy2DFree$12.99 Monthly
Uncharted Waters OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
UnturnedMMOFPSHorror3DFreeFree to Play
Upshift StrikeRacerMMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Urban RivalsMMO StrategySci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
Vain GloryMOBASci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Valkyrie SkySocialSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Vanguard: Saga of HeroesMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Vanilla GateMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Vendetta OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFree$9.99 Monthly
VeniziaMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
VindictusMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Voyage CenturyMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
WakfuMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
War of 2012MMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
War of AngelsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
War of LegendsMMO StrategyFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
War of the ImmortalsMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
War RockMMOFPSModern3DFreeFree to Play
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning MMORPGFantasy3D$14.99$14.99 Monthly
Warrior EpicMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
WildStarMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Wind of Luck (WOL)MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Wind SlayerMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Wind Slayer 2MMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Wizard 101MMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Wizardry OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Wolf TeamMMOFPSSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
WonderKingsMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
WoozworldSocialModern2DFreeFree to Play
World AlphaMMO StrategySci-Fi2DFreeFree to Play
World Golf TourMMO SportModern3DFreeFree to Play
World of DragonsMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
World of Kung FuMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
World of PiratesMMORPGHistorical2DN/AFree to Play
World of TanksMMORPGHistorical3DFreeFree to Play
World of warshipsMMO StrategyModern3DFreeFree to Play
World of the Living DeadMMO StrategyHorror2DFreeFree to Play
World Of WarcraftMMORPGFantasy3D$19.99$14.99 Monthly
World of Warplanes
MMORPGModern3DFreeFree to Play
World War II Online - Battleground EuropeMMOFPSHistorical3DFree$17.99 Monthly
Wurm OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
X-Machine Online PHMMO SportSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
XenimusMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
XiahMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
XsyonSocialFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Yslandia WorldMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
ZentiaMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
Zero OnlineMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Zombie PandemicMMORPGHorror3DFreeFree to Play
zOMGMMORPGFantasy2DFreeFree to Play
Zone 4: Fight DistrictMMORPGSci-Fi3DFreeFree to Play
Zu OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
ZX OnlineMMORPGFantasy3DFreeFree to Play
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