X-Machine Online PH

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In this world, the trends were led by two known scientists who have different polarizations styles: Professor Volta and Professor D. Professor D believed that to bring peace to this world, we must defeat all those harmful humans and tackle reposition in this world. At the same time there must also be the focus on the scheme of doing research on Human Transformation, which was using the human body to be transformed into a killing machine without sense in order to proceed with the [Human Purge Scheme].

Eventually, Professor Volta had seen through his devious plans and used the enhanced equipment [X Machine] legion to eliminate Professor D… Professor Volta thought that the world was peaceful once again. But Professor D had more tricks up in his sleeve by using the Human Transformation skill on himself and created the virtual world, Destroyer. He pulled all those important people and valuable items from the real world into the Destroyer’s world. He attempted to do all these discreetly so he could create a legion to counterattack the real world to gain control over it. Soon, Professor Volta understood what really happened but because he didn’t have the skills to enter the world of Destroyer, he could not direct orders for the X Machine Legion to break into it. At long last, he created and sent the virus program “Rescue Ship Volta” to enter the Destroyer in an attempt to rescue all those survivors. And while all these are happening, Professor D was also trying to restructure the humans he captured in pursuit of Volta.

Now both sides had made their moves and had been openly contending for the seat of power beyond time, space and era…

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X-Machine Online PH, 2.3 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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