War of Angels

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War of Angels is a new cutting edge MMORPG Title with beautiful Three dimensional graphics which brings the world alive.  In War of Angels you can have dynamic combat in the air with wings!  With various types of wings which users may purchase and gain as a quest reward. When the wings are equipped and being activated, users can fly with the wings for several minutes and the available flying period is shown with the gauge on the screen. To reactivate the wings, users need to wait for the certain time. There are various types of wings, not only the appearance but they have slightly different ability. Users can have strategic combat with various types of wings. War of Angels also supports an Instance Dungeon system, and Guild Town system. A guild town is a village that a guild can possess. If a guild has the guild town, the guild can make profit and manage the town.  You can also customize your equipment with the imprint system. With this your items can be imprinted with constellations by maximum 3 and the number of slots is given randomly.

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War of Angels, 1.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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