Traid Wars

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Triad Wars is Hong Kong as you have never seen it before. A vast beautiful open world filled with vicious triad gangsters, corrupt cops, fast cars, and brutal violence. Tell your story as you fight your way to the top of Hong Kong’s triads and earn your place as Dragon Head.

There are three main activities to do in the open world. The three main side activities are Operations, Rival Contacts, and exports. Operations are little side missions that you can do in the open world for a variety of different rewards, include Face, Money, Bonus Raid Time, and Random Favours. The reward for a given operation will be shown by the icon on the map screen. Selecting the operation on the map screen will also tell you the operation type and the associated reward. During these operations you may be required to break up a drug deal, steal a car, win a street race, abduct someone in the trunk of a car, or one several other tasks. Rival Contacts can be found in various areas of the map. They are individuals that are important members of rival triads. They can be informants, double agents or corrupt cops. Exports give you the opportunity to ship commodities from your warehouse for large rewards. However, it is risky as your rivals will be waiting to try to steal your goods. Additionally there are random encounters that can occur in the open world including ambushes and armored car heists.

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Traid Wars, 2.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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