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Link- http://www.tibia.com/


Tibia® is a 2D free-to-play hardcore-fantasy-MMORPG with high interactive game world and retro-look. It is one of the oldest and most successful online role playing games. At present, more than active 500.000 active players from all over the world inhabit the medieval world of Tibia. There are currently 79 game servers in the US and Germany.

A special feature, the game can be played via a Flash version directly in the browser. In addition, agame client is available for downloadon the official website. To this day Tibia is continually updated with new content and features in a cycle of six months.

Acting as knights, paladins, sorcerers or druids, players are faced with the challenge of developing the skills of their selected characters, exploring a large variety of areas and dangerous dungeons and interacting with other players on a social and diplomatic level. Besides the sophisticated chat tools it is especially the unique freedom players enjoy in Tibia, that create an enormously immersive gaming experience.

Tibia can be played free of charge as a matter of principle. However, your account can be upgraded anytime to a premium account. Advantages of premium accounts include the access to special game areas and items as well as further special features relating to the game.

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Tibia, 3.8 out of 5 based on 30 ratings

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  • Wolvas says:

    BE WARNED !! , no attack animations make Tibia very very boring and the death penalty is incredibly steep . 1 death can set you back as far as 3 lvls and 3 skill lvls which can take literally months to recover unless you live in the game . (note i am a former tibia veteran )

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  • Flawless says:

    Tibia is a great game. The only downfall is botters. But in all honesty its not all that bad. You lvl hunt team hunt quest war pvp task. Updates 3-4 times a year. Give it a try 😀 _/ World Osera

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