The Witcher: Versus

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The Witcher: Versus is a world full of fierce duels, powerful foes, and dark magic

Become the most-feared dueller in the world of The Witcher: Versus. Choose between the classes of Witcher, Sorceress, or Frightener and jump right into the fray of battle.

Gain experience and train your skills in battle against other players. Complete quests and loot new weapons, amulets, and magical items. Prove your bravery with various achievements and impress the other warriors with your hard-earned badges. Explore the world of The Witcher: Versus on adventurous journeys and rise to meet great challenges. Form a guild and measure up your opponents in epic RvR battles.

Experience the fascinating world of The Witcher: Versus – entirely in your browser!

  • Unapologetic in-browser duels
  • Three classes of characters and countless skills
  • Numerous quests and achievements
  • Thousands of players
  • Original characters and areas from “The Witcher”
  • Guild and chat features

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The Witcher: Versus, 1.3 out of 5 based on 15 ratings

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