The 4th Coming

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The Fourth Coming is one of those unique games in which the ambiance immediately hooks you. The addictive music, the beautiful graphics, and of course the deep story line help pump in a vast player community that is still growing.

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The 4th Coming, 3.2 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

2 Responses to “The 4th Coming”

  • freddie says:

    whats wrong with these ******** devs? english and french servers are f2p. german servers are free until lvl7. after that you have to feed their punk ass real money 😀 fucking racists

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  • this gamem toatlalyy suckks iwant to palyl 3 d mmprgss it has a bad graphicis free to paly meansn oyu are here to respwann if oyu do everythign paiedd im ognan piis me off i ownt give money for osmething icant eat in real life
    … and i want to paly dekaronn already dealted it uuu my isntall is simple next next iisntall
    so the site is fakke and oyu fackk up with me or reall can oyu create me registerr mosut of the gammess are babys and crapyy idont want them i need ot paly 3 d games uuu
    for gosh sakee iam an oldestt eprosn maybe

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