Special Force: Singapore Chapter

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Special Force is a genuine military FPS game using elite tatical teams which are the highlights of modern warfare today. Players experience the thrill of using highly-advanced weapons and equipment as a member of Special force.

Special Force supports Single Battle, Team Battle, Team Deathmatch and Captain modes. Each mode has its own distinctive features and provide unique enjoyment in each and every map.

Special Force focuses most on Team play.
The equipment (weapons, etc) one has can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the location. Therefore it is important for players to cooperate, form a team and make full use of their equipment’s unique features for effective battles.

Whether it is the SAS or the DELTA FORCE, players can select characters from the Special Force of their choice. Players can also manage their own equipment and create their own unique setup through combinations of more than 40 Special Force weapons and items.

Each of the weapons are developed with more than 10 factors taken into consideration, such as weapon damage, weight of equipment, recoil degree, recoil direction, recoil speed, movement of view due to recoil, recoil recovery etc. which provide a dynamic and exciting shooting sensation. The addition of a high-definition sound system using the Miles Audio increases the realism of the gameplay.

With the support of radio communication, messages can be sent to your team easily and effectively to establish plans and act in unison. This radio communication system promotes a sense of comradeship and improves teamwork among players.

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Special Force: Singapore Chapter, 3.9 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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