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Destroy, Conquer and Dominate

Gaia is in chaos; only the strongest can pave a way through the unending conflict and carve their names in the ashes of their fallen foes. Choose your faction, class and guild, honor your Goddess and bring order from the chaos of war.

  • Experience industry-leading RvR and PvP systems in huge and epic faction-based wars
  • Explore an expansive, dynamic world full of Epic quests and Gear
  • Thousands of weapons, armor sets, quests and enemies await
  • Do you have the skill to reach the newly-implemented level 70!

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Shaiya -

Shaiya, 2.1 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

One Response to “Shaiya”

  • MysticWound says:

    Really fun game, i don’t know why it is rated it 2/5.
    -Multi-language speaking game (German,English,Romanian,Spanish and others)
    -Really Friendly people in-game
    -Fairly good graphics
    -No crafting, alchemy, smithing, tailoring system
    – Once you reach ‘ultimate mode’ you risk dieing and loosing your character unless you have a lvl 31+ priest or spend money(real-life)
    – You can’t do anything in pvp unless you spend over $1,000 on the game

    Overall i think it is a fun game, mainly because i spent money in this game. If your not willing to spend money in this game, i don’t recommend you to play this game. My rating 5 stars.

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