Savage Eden

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 As you approach, a wise old man smiles and greets you, “Welcome, young one. I am who they call the Sage of the Creator. It has been a while since I have had company. Shall I share with you a story?” Beckoning, he continues, “Come come, don’t be shy. My story is about the beginnings of the gods, humans, demons and dragons themselves!” “When Pan Gu, the creator, was young, there was nothing in the universe. He created the sun, moon, and stars in Heaven; and the mountains, seas, and animals on Earth.” “Nuwa came to be with his divine grace. With the body of a snake and a human head, she moulded figures from the yellow earth and gave them life, creating the human race.” “With each passing however, the restless souls of the humans had no where to go in the underworld, and thus they became demons, at war with their former brethen. They struck the pillars which held the heavens up, and they started to crack, placing the human world in danger.” “To save the lives she had created, Nuwa melted down five-coloured stones to mend the breach. And when it was done, exhausted by her toil, she lay down upon the earth and became a mountain range, nurturing the divine land, China.” “Not all was well however, for there were none to lead the realms. Chaos was everywhere, in heaven, earth and hell. Some places had floods, others had droughts.” “But in the centre of this chaos, a city prospered, under the leadership of a patient and forgiving man. Governing wisely, he drew the attention of the gods, who brought him to heaven. Eventually, he rose in the ranks of deityhood to become the Jade Emperor, the Supreme God of the Three Worlds.”

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Savage Eden, 3.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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