Runescape Wilderness and Free Trade Vote

Runescape Free Trade and Wilderness Vote -
Register your vote by the 14th of January 2011
Please register your vote if you want to see the return of free trade and the danger of the original wildy. 100,000 votes certainly won’t be enough. Perhaps not even 1,000,000. It will take you and every one of your friends, ex-friends and probably even enemies to register sufficient votes to bring it back.
Simply put in your character name and if you want to stay anonymous just tick the box. Make your voice heard and your vote count!

The Wildy is dead, and long may it stay so!
Can’t stand the thought of a return to the days of free trade, the original wildy or the problems associated with it, make sure you get everyone who feels the same way to boycott this vote. If the majority of players don’t vote in favour Jagex won’t bring it back. Will the silence be deafening?


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