Rise and Ruin

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Link- http://riseandruin.com/


In a universe plunged into war, four species fight a desperate battle for survival and dominance. Descendants of the great dragons of yore, the arrogant Ralak plunder and slay for motives no more noble than greed and idle amusement. The sleek and insectile jix’Su fight as a collective, risking all in defense of their Queen while internecine havoc weakens the race from within. Usually content to live and let live, the Keldei transform into implacable, relentless enemies when the tranquil forest world they and their animal ancestors call home is threatened. Finally, the Vedyn – ephemeral, mystical beings of purest energy – pledge allegiance to none and to nothing but the holy ideals of order and balance.

In order to stand triumphant at the end of a battle, you will have to be:

Strategic. Compile virtual ‘decks’ of attack and defense cards that build on your characters’ strengths and your opponents’ weaknesses.

Quick. Put it all on the line through quick decisions and luck in the heat of competition.

Cunning. Negotiate with other players to form teams, build alliances, and trade cards.

Active. Increase your chance of success by training your characters’ skills.

Forced into conflict by the irresistible warp and weave of history’s tapestry, each species needs champions who will bring the strength, skill, and luck that will help them triumph. Which side will win your loyalty?

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Rise and Ruin, 2.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

2 Responses to “Rise and Ruin”

  • Jake says:

    This game is awsome to play! Its an animated Card game thats alot like magic teh gatherinhg i guess. Cool attacks and animations. and its browser based and free!

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  • Gamer 3000 says:

    Does this game require you to pay real money for cards?

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