Pirate Maidens

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Avast, ye mateys! Thar be rough seas ahead! For these are no ordinary wenches-these be the sultriest, savviest, and saltiest buccaneers this side of Davy Jones’ locker!

For the Pirate Maidens, the only meaning of “fight like a girl” is a down-and-dirty brawl. Pillage the high seas with an array of foxy privateers, and then send them off for “enhancements.” No, not that kind! These boosts simply make them even more deadly.

Choose a crew wisely, but don’t worry–even if they slit your throat, they’ll leave you with a smile.

Rally a Crew! – Collect a crew of corsetted corsairs and build a deck to battle your foes. Assign an offensive and a defensive deck, then add special traps to help defend your loot. Unlock new cards and gather more pirates until you master the seven seas.

Brawl Like a Boss! – Conquer all opponents in 5 vs 5 pirate brawl! Pick your warriors wisely and strategically set their attack order. Pirates need strategy as well as brawn to survive in these rough waters.

3 Nations To Choose From! – Pledge your power to one of three different factions, each with its own storyline! Complete all 3 to get the full story! Choose to follow the mighty Legionnaire from the warrior nation Bellator, the magical Divine Empress from the magical nation Sanctus, or the crafty Gearsmith from the mech nation Machina.

Build The Perfect Pirate! – Use the enhancement system to combine crew members until you have the ultimate titan of battle! Never forget that these privateers are as deadly as they devastatingly beautiful. Use their power wisely!

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Pirate Maidens, 3.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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