Bloodline Champions

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‘Bloodline Champions’ is a free-to-play online player vs. player arena game where players engage in short, intense battles of up to ten players divided into two teams. Each player must take control over one of several different bloodlines, each with their own unique weapons and abilities. Easy to learn, challenging to master – ‘Bloodline Champions’ is just as much fun for the casual player as it is for the hardcore gamer.

We at Stunlock Studios, the developer of ‘Bloodline Champions’, made it our number one goal to make the ultimate PvP arena game. That meant doing away with chance, random elements, target locking and critical hits. Here player skill and team play is the most important factor to win.

Different bloodlines in a set up complements each other, different maps and game modes need different tactics, and good teamwork is important. Spells travel towards where the player aim their mouse cursor, and can be avoided by enemy players, making every ability dependent on individual player skill. There is no mana and the cooldowns are short, ensuring that every match is full of intense, adrenaline-filled action.

  • Experience intense, adrenaline-fueled multiplayer battles with thousands of other players. Short matches ensure you will never get stuck in a long drawn out game – great for quick bursts of fun!
  • Grinding, bases, levels and gold – you’ll find none of that here. Just pure, exciting, all-out player vs. player battles where you and your skills is all that matters!
  • Choose your character from a total of twenty bloodlines, each with their own abilities and specialities. From the fire-wielding Igniter to the elusive Ranid Assassin, each offers a unique experience!
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master. Direct controls, cursor-basedaiming, focused characters and an easy-to-learn interface allows you to enjoy Bloodline Champions just minutes into your first battle!
  • Thanks to a robust matchmaking system you will be off onto the fields of battle immediately after joining. Play up to five versus five battles, either with strangers automatically matched to your level or with a team of your best friends!
  • Keep an eye on your progression using an in-depth stat tracking system that allows you to review your own as well as other players’ effectiveness with different tactics, abilities and bloodlines.
  • Short and intense battles, focus on player skill, and an elaborate stat-tracking system makes Bloodline Champions perfect for competitive gaming.
  • Vibrant graphics, a unique art style and a superb sound design brings the world of Bloodline Champions to life as you keep yourself busy with dealing out death and destruction.

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Rappelz Ph

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Get your battle gears ready as EagleGame International Ltd., delivers its latest MMORPG, Rappelz. Rappelz, now on its Epic VI: Resurrection, is a one-of-a-kind, free-to-play MMO that charges to greater heights of action as the most sinister and fearsome villain of the gameplay makes her comeback. The tale of the Witch’s return begins. To win over her, three races are bound for the mission – the Gaians, the Asuras and the Devas.

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Rappelz PH -

Titans of Time

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Titans of Time is a Free to Play 2D Browser Based MMORPG. It utilizes web 2.0 technology to allow for real time combat and exploration of several zones and temples without requiring flash or any downloads. There are hundreds of quests and thousands of items to collect or even create!

– Fully interactive browser-based2D MMORPG
– Combat in real-time, not turn-based
– 4 unique classes with special moves and skill trees
– Instanced dungeons playable by up to 5 people
– 1 vs 1 to 5 vs 5 combat arenas
– A gauntlet system where you can fight a series of increasingly difficult enemies
– Hundreds of fun and challenging quests to complete
– Hundreds of unique and rare items to find
– A vast world to traverse with several zones of different difficulty
– Regular and elite npcs of various levels
– Unrestricted PVP
– An advanced combat system with: melee, magic, over-time effects, healing and other abilities such as stealth, stun, aoe attacks and buffs
– A new and growing community.
– 100% Free to Play and no downloads required

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Titans of Time -

MAF Online

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MAF Online Ends Service as of Oct. 31, 2010

More Info:

Dear MAF Islanders,  

Thank you so much for trying out MAF Online. After a 5-month often rocky, but nonetheless gratifying run, MAF Online is ending its service on Oct. 31, 2010.  

For a smaller developer like us, MAF Online is an ambitious and challenging project. We’ve learned so much from this experience, and we would like to thank all of you for helping us realize the lessons and guiding us to recognize our strengths to further improve and weaknesses to work on. The feedback, opinions, thoughts, and suggestions you’ve sent towards us are going to be the backbone of new MAF Online. The new MAF Online will be launched sometime next year.  

As of now, Waplesoft is developing a web game version of MAF Online, which will be introduced in Japan early next year. We will keep you posted on that as well through our website, Facebook, and Twitter.  

Again, thank you so very much for your interest in MAF Online and for leading us to directions we should take as we move forward. We will see you soon with the more improved version of MAF Online. 

Sincerely, MAF Online / Waplesoft 

Proof – Click Here


MAF Online
My, Your, Our Islands
Become a proud owner of an island
Register as a resident of MAF World and become an owner of a  private island.
Its actually a tiny, cute-as-a-button islet when you first move  in. What happens next is up to you. With your help, this baby  can grow up to be a gigantic apple farm or a modest-sized  island with cozy hideaways for your close friends to come by.  The possibilities are endless.
But the catch is that you need money to expand the island  property, and money doesnt grow on trees. Collect money and  sellable items by fishing, farming, foraging, or mining, and  trade these booties for lands and other necessary items. Your  hard work will sure pay off in the end!
Get to know Bel
Bels are pet-like animal creatures that can talk and do all  sorts of other things for you. There are currently three types  of Bels living in MAF World: Benny the Cat, Linny the Bunny,  and Henney the Otter. You get to take care of these unique  characters one at a time. Send him to classes, have him help  you with housework, and get him part-time jobs so that these  experiences will help your Bel build a successful career later  on.
The fun part is that these Bels can compete against other users  Bels to win special titles and skills.
Badges Bels win for completing career goals are icing on the  cake.    
Make friends and families
Personalizing a tropical island and taking care of Bel should  be fun and exciting enough, but theres much more to MAF Online.  MAF stands for make a friend after all.
First things first, to help jump start this exciting new  journey, if you let us know what you like and dislike, we will  find you a buddy with matching preferences. Then when you are  ready, go out to the Mafin Plaza and make new friends. Play  real-time multiplayer games with them. Invite them to your  island. Give them gifts or send them messages in a bottle. 
The best part of it is that, in MAF Online, friends can choose  to merge or connect their islands and live on a new big  island/community as a family. Benefits? Family members can  visit each other without loading up new locations, which makes  helping or hanging out with each other so much easier.
Experiment and Be Part of the Game 
MAF Onlines biggest asset is, of course, you. You should be  able to make a difference to the world of MAF Online. 
Reshape and resize your island by adding or removing land  blocks with a click of button.
Mix colorful fruits, flowers, and gems to make dyes to color  your favorite clothes.
Make farms, hunting grounds, or fishing ponds and have other  users come use them. By doing so, your island becomes part of  gameplay.
Make groups with friends with similar interests, and use an  island as your base camp. Make awareness.
Become the most influential islands by winning contests,  collecting as many island experience points as possible, making  your island the go-to spot of the town. The busiest, liveliest  islands are featured on MAF Worlds navigator system!

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MAF Online -


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Massively multiplayer gaming takes on a face in PlanetSide where thousands of players wage war on a planetary scale. A newly designed 3D engine drives PlanetSide’s first-person player-to-player combat and vehicular warfare across ten continents.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid RPG gamer or a fanatical FPS player, you’ll find something in PlanetSide that’s just right for you.

The stage has been set, the battle lines drawn, and dropships are ready to deploy you PlanetSide!

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PlanetSide -

K.O.S. Secret Operations

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Game Rating
Rating: 2.7/5 (6 votes cast)



Outfit your character with different weapons,
uniforms and special abilities.

Create clans with friends to test your skills against other clans.

Compare yourself and your clan to others using our ranking system.

Use Medpacks, decrease your respawn time and even track

your enemy with an assorted list of special skills and abilities.

Earn extra experience and crones through our multikill

system by getting up to 10 kills in a row.

Need a quick warm up?
Play against our artificially intelligent KOSbots.

Confident in your skills?
Enter our Pro Mode and put your (in-game)
money where your mouth is.

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K.O.S. Secret Operations -

Pet Forest

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Rating: 3.7/5 (7 votes cast)



Pet Forest is a free MMO browser game developed with the latest flash techonology.  In Pet Forest you can collect unique pet companions and develop them into reliable battle support.  Each pet is of distinctive talents and advantages that could greatly assist you in battles.  Tame one of your own and create your best online partner!  Explore with your party in six different types of instances whith treasures that contains rare items at the end.  Or craft your own items with the crafting and enchacement system.


Pet Forest has been very popular to a lot of players for almost 4 years since the Open Beta in 2010.
However, we are going to stop all the services on Wednesday, 2014/4/23, due to the contract termination.
Thank you for always supporting us, being and having fun with us. We hope to see you soon!

Termination schedule:
1. Stop the payment system services on Thursday, 2014.03.27
2. Game shut down at 11:00pm, Wednesday, 2014.04.23

Official Notice Here

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Pet Forest -

ACE Online

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Rating: 3.9/5 (7 votes cast)


ACE Online, your destination for high intensity combat! Take flight in this unique Flight Action MMO in a battle between two powers on the planet Phillon. Take control of your aircraft and customize in countless ways to become the master of the skies!

The Rebel Army, which has raised the flag of revolt, grew ever larger following their departure from Starlite Valley. Since then, they have built themselves up to a power that almost rivals Bygeniou. Arlington is their new home.  The Deca Cowboys, who have settled on the Phillon planet, are the war heroes of each force.  They are the best pilots in both nations and they would surely be welcomed by both with diverse and fine rewards.  The real fight begins when users become able to select their nation.  Users can participate in the war at any time to receive the fame they deserve.  Once a player has chosen a nation, it cannot be changed.  This nation is the nation all of your characters in the future will be assigned to.  So think hard before choosing your nation.

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ACE Online -

Priston Tale 1

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Game Rating
Rating: 3.8/5 (9 votes cast)



Priston Tale is a free, full 3D MMORPG based on the adventures in the continent of Priston.  The world of Priston is composed of the subtle relations between two tribes: the ‘Morion’ being highly dependent on magic and soul and the ‘Tempskron’ being highly dependent on power and technology.  Each tribe has four different classes to choose from, a total of 8 altogether.  Priston Tale is one of the first MMORPGs to utilize the advantages of a 3D environment to its fullest.  When different weapons or armor are equipped, the character graphics and movement change.  Priston Tale forces players to adapt continuously to changing battle patterns.  Players team up using the Party system to engage in more strategic battles while leveling up their character.  The fast-paced combat of Priston Tale keep players continuously on the edge of their seats.

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Priston Tale -

Kuso Party

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Game Rating
Rating: 3.8/5 (5 votes cast)



Kuso Party is a free-to-play one of a kind MMO that’s packed with exciting mini games and challenges. Community is the greatest feature! Players are able to communicate with each other, visit their creatively designed homes, and take their relationships to higher levels. Kuso Party is a fun and easy game that gamers of all ages can enjoy.

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Kuso Party -

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