X-Machine Online PH

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Link- http://xmo.runup.com.ph/


In this world, the trends were led by two known scientists who have different polarizations styles: Professor Volta and Professor D. Professor D believed that to bring peace to this world, we must defeat all those harmful humans and tackle reposition in this world. At the same time there must also be the focus on the scheme of doing research on Human Transformation, which was using the human body to be transformed into a killing machine without sense in order to proceed with the [Human Purge Scheme].

Eventually, Professor Volta had seen through his devious plans and used the enhanced equipment [X Machine] legion to eliminate Professor D… Professor Volta thought that the world was peaceful once again. But Professor D had more tricks up in his sleeve by using the Human Transformation skill on himself and created the virtual world, Destroyer. He pulled all those important people and valuable items from the real world into the Destroyer’s world. He attempted to do all these discreetly so he could create a legion to counterattack the real world to gain control over it. Soon, Professor Volta understood what really happened but because he didn’t have the skills to enter the world of Destroyer, he could not direct orders for the X Machine Legion to break into it. At long last, he created and sent the virus program “Rescue Ship Volta” to enter the Destroyer in an attempt to rescue all those survivors. And while all these are happening, Professor D was also trying to restructure the humans he captured in pursuit of Volta.

Now both sides had made their moves and had been openly contending for the seat of power beyond time, space and era…

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High Street 5

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Link- http://www.highstreet5.com.ph/


Someone once said that dancing is like dreaming with your feet… and in HighStreet 5 there are only dreamers. HighStreet 5 is an online dance game where thousands of players can mingle with each other in a world of friends, fashion and dance.

  • Fashion: Choose from a real-life inspired contemporary fashion wardrobe of dresses, shirts, bracelets, earrings, and more to dress your character up to be cool, sexy, smart, or goofy – anything you want!
  • Dance: Dance by yourself, with a special someone, or together with a group of friends in any one of the 30-player dance halls, each uniquely designed with themes like street punk and rooftop dancing.
  • Friends: Socialize and get to know new people! Video-chat with fellow players face-to-face anywhere and especially in our dedicated video-chat dance halls – the Friend System will help you keep track of pals and beautiful strangers.
  • Music: Enjoy popular songs from artistes like Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, JJ Lin, Jacky Cheung, Rain, Wang Lee Hom, Utada Hikaru and more broadcasted at any Dance Hall in the game! We keep track of top music charts all over the world as well as feedback from our players to decide on the songs to be used

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Link- http://www.venezianer.com/en


Rise to become mighty councillor of your town, set up your own giant empire of trade and finally rule the whole Mediterranean!

The adventurous find themselves right in the heart of the flourishing world of the mediterranean during the 15th century! They will build their own businesses through smart trading with other cultures, go to sea and bond with other Venetians in aspiring mediterranean seaports.

The journey begins in a glittering city by the Mediterranean Sea. Here, the players are presented with the difficult challenge of building their own dynasty. The cities by the sea are thriving – trading and banking system, architecture and culture flourish. The players want to benefit from that wealth as well and start their own business.

But that is not all you will find in „The Venetians“. The players start by building their city. Through their decisions and actions a city might very soon become a prosperous and impressive metropolis. By setting up different buildings, the living standard of each inhabitant improves significantly. One of the player’s most important priority is to have content people in his empire. To take care of the population, the players have to make sure that business and trade are flourishing and that their empires keep growing constantly. If you hold one or more prestigious administrative offices in great demand, your prestige and influence will become even greater.

As the players are moving on they won’t just stay behind the walls of their own city but also do business in places far away. They will establish ties with other cultures and build their own fleet. But be careful: the sea is holding many dangers and unknowns. Experienced players will learn to deal with them through applying strategic skills and the necessary experience and, in the end, will become successful navigators.

Diplomacy plays a significant role in „The Venetians“ as well: there is a complex guild system, that makes it possible for the players to ally with other Venetians. Working together they will reach their ambitious goals faster.

„The Venetians“ comes up with a unique feature, the concept of generations. The general life expectancy of a virtual Venetian is around six calendar months. But death doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the game. Players with foresight will have children who, after their death, inherite all the aquired properties and make sure the dynasty will live on. A player decides what kind of education his children will have and how they will develop. Maybe they will have a completely different profession from his own. This concept of the generations will give you the possibility to experience diverse aspects of an online game and to see the virtual world from a different point of you.


  • Complex business and building simulation in real-time set at the age of Marco Polo
  • A charming and detailled presentation that will take the players to glittering mediterranean seaports
  • A sophisticated trade, shipping and expedition system with different routes that cover the whole area of the Mediterranean
  • Building and extending of a whole city with a multitude of resources and buildings
  • A complex society where you find several generations and succesions
  • A choise of different professions and specilisations
  • Diplomacy, e.g. through various administrative offices to enhance prestige and influence
  • Exciting battles out at sea against pirates

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Link- http://en.grepolis.com


Are you ready to conquer Ancient Greece? Follow in the footsteps of Alexander, Perseus, Leonidas, Achilles and other Greek heroes? Then join us in a unique adventure into the world of the Ancient Greeks.

In this free browser based online game, it is your task to build up your small Polis (Greek for town) to a huge metropolis, establish a powerful army and navy and finally conquer islands far away. On your trip to glory and honor, you should also take care of the gods of the Greek Pantheon: Zeus, Hera, Athena or Poseidon. Their favor could be essential in your victory or defeat.

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War of Angels

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Link- http://www.warofangels.net/


War of Angels is a new cutting edge MMORPG Title with beautiful Three dimensional graphics which brings the world alive.  In War of Angels you can have dynamic combat in the air with wings!  With various types of wings which users may purchase and gain as a quest reward. When the wings are equipped and being activated, users can fly with the wings for several minutes and the available flying period is shown with the gauge on the screen. To reactivate the wings, users need to wait for the certain time. There are various types of wings, not only the appearance but they have slightly different ability. Users can have strategic combat with various types of wings. War of Angels also supports an Instance Dungeon system, and Guild Town system. A guild town is a village that a guild can possess. If a guild has the guild town, the guild can make profit and manage the town.  You can also customize your equipment with the imprint system. With this your items can be imprinted with constellations by maximum 3 and the number of slots is given randomly.

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Vendetta Online

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Link- http://www.vendetta-online.com/


Vendetta Online is a 3D space combat MMORPG for Windows, Mac and Linux. This MMO permits thousands of players to interact as the pilots of spaceships in a vast universe. Users may build their characters in any direction they desire, becoming rich captains of industry, military heroes, or outlaws. A fast-paced, realtime “twitch” style combat model gives intense action, coupled with the backdrop of RPG gameplay in a massive online galaxy. Three major player factions form a delicate balance of power, with several NPC sub-factions creating situations of economic struggle, political intrigue and conflict. The completely persistent universe and detailed storyline add to the depth of immersion, resulting in a unique online experience.

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Soul Order Online

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Link- http://www.soulorderonline.com/


A MMORPG with a fantastic background of ancient Oriental Legend.

Fierce fights and free PvP between two opposite realms: Fairy Land and Demon Land.

Soul system will give you a novel experience. Mysterious Souljewels will help you to refine your equipments, weapons and Soultreasures. Soultreasure of Fire, Thunder, Demon, Dragon, Lotus and Shadow, they are gorgeous and powerful.

Feat system is a system for dungeon. Player will get corresponding benefit after he/she finish a certain percentage complete.

Battlefield system will provide a relatively formal war between two realms. This system
includes protecting Life Cup, maneuvering Gun Bogie, scrambling for Treasure Box, accumulating honor points and getting Battlefield rewards, it’s a good time to test tactics.

Damage Statistics system will collect damage output data of your attack. You can collect and compare these data and optimize your fighting mode. Healing data, damage absorption data and other data will be added according to players’ need in the future.

Five different class properties, various inherences, skills and different weapons will customize your character.

Full 3D visual angle, small client and very short downloading time.

Good definition but low PC requirement, fancy graphics and shocking skill effects.

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Dragon Saga

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Link- http://www.playdragonsaga.com/


In a world where Dragons roam the land and sky, there exists a civilization with extraordinary magical powers. This world, the world of Dragon Saga, will take new adventurers into the discovery of it’s riches and traditions. Dragon Saga compliments the hyper quick game play with visually beautiful settings.

There is an option to joining the civilization as one of four classes to travel to mysterious, unknown territories and battle unique monsters. Strengthen up to discover new abilities that will help to engage the dangers of the world as well as to help socialize with it’s inhabitants. Avatars are customizable with the many different clothing items and weapons to produce high impact damage or for taking a casual stroll through town.

Dragon Saga welcomes all adventurers! Crush entire guilds, parties, or other adventurers in the various PVP modes. So reach out to friends or strangers alike and battle together. Strengthen those bonds by establishing a guild to battle against rival guilds and claim the top spot in Dragon Saga!

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TLBB: Tian Long Ba Bu

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Link- http://enter-tlbb.com/


TLBB is a leading free-to-play Kung Fu styled MMO where myths and legends come alive in an ancient Chinese world. Players have 9 unique martial arts classes to choose from as well as daily in-game events to conquer in a land full of fascinating pets, mounts and quests waiting to be discovered by brave warriors of TLBB.

So prepare yourself for the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life!
Based on the original novel Tian Long Ba Bu by Louis Cha, TLBB already attracts a massive audience worldwide.

The game’s scenario has been developed around the lives of 3 ancient Chinese heroes – Xiao Feng, Duan Yu and Xu Zhu – who fought during the political turmoil of the Song Dynasty in South-Eastern China from 960 to 1279.

With 9 unique martial arts classes to choose from, players will have endless opportunities to fight amongst true warriors and become a master of TLBB.
TLBB offers 9 distinctive martial art styles to choose from: Assassin, Beggars Alliance, Lotus Order, Minstrel, Pyromancer, Royalty, Shaolin, Taoist and Voodoo.

Battle your way through bosses, quests and instances and improve your skills that will prepare you for the deadliest of circumstances.

Whether it’s a ranged attack as a Minstrel, or an up-close and personal encounter as a Shaolin Monk, these 9 classes offer complete diversity for gamers everywhere.
In TLBB, your pet friends are your best friends…
Battle your way through quests and instances but don’t forget to summon your loyal sidekick to fight beside you.

With more than 100 pets available, players can catapult themselves onto Pet Island in search of the perfect little friend.
As well as leveling-up your character, players can also adjust their pet’s attributes including Strength, Intelligence, Stamina, Willpower and Agility.
Warriors have access to 2 types of mount – Class Mounts and General Mounts.

Class mounts will be available to you when you reach a certain class level. Players who achieve higher levels gain access to more advanced, better looking, faster mounts.

There are more than 70 mounts available in all shapes and sizes which can be slow or fast, single or double-player mounts. They are not only designed to look good, but they will increase your travelling speed when seeking out your next quest.
TLBB offers you an array of daily in-game events such as the World Competition, where you can become the last man standing or the Chess Challenge, where your team of elite warriors can sleigh the Chess Pieces for outstanding rewards.

When participating in an in-game event, enemies tend to be too strong for one player alone. It is therefore strongly advised that you go as a team and pave the way for leadership in future quests of TLBB. The choice is yours.

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Link- http://pangya.ntreev.net/


Pangya is a fantasy online golf game that simulates the challenging sport of golf in more immersive fantastical landscapes such as captivating desert backgrounds, lush green tropics, snowy wonderland, and more! Players can go head to head in Tournaments, pang Battle, Stroke, or Team Match Mode. Come join Pangya and escape to paradise and swing for the heavens!

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