Myth of Soma

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The Myth of Soma Blade Of Heaven is a remake of the traditional game with added features and game satisfaction. The game places you in a fight on the side of the Human or Devil army in their constant struggle to maintain control of the Continental Army Area.

Hunt with your friends in a guild to complete the many quests available, discovering many treasures along the way or play by yourself to show your solidity

The Myth Of Soma allows you and your guild to partake in guild wars and fight for the various territories throughout the soma lands.

Not a fan of hunting? there’s many other ways to earn your keep in the lands of soma. Become a treasured crafter and sell your worldly goods, farm goods and sell them on for a profit or just loiter around the warehouse and chat to the locals.

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Myth of Soma, 3.5 out of 5 based on 15 ratings

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  • Rob says:

    This is an amazing retro game that still has a active usercount and is free to play check it out!

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