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Meine Front the historic free browser game based on World War II.

Game events include the time frame 1939-1943, but did not convey the literal adherence to history. The player is invited to join the army of either party – the British Army (United Kingdom) or the Wehrmacht (Germany) and make a contribution to the course of history, and possibly reverse the events. The game is based on the opposition of the Wehrmacht and the British Army, which takes place in different cities.

Each side has its own central city. Nuremberg for the Wehrmacht and Liverpool for the British Army. Despite the fact that the names of these cities for both the British and German sides are real, their image in the game is collective. Altogether there are more than 100 locations in the game.

After registering on the site, the user gets the opportunity to battle online with other players, gain a variety of skills, abilities, and move on ladders of game levels and military ranks. The game is completely free and requires no investment of capital. But, as in the real world, there exist a virtual commodity-money relations. Character has different opportunities for earning: working at the factory, training recruits, the growth of the game, selling loot, as well as attract new players, etc.  Feature of the game is that many game objects (clothes, cars, guns) have historical analogs. Thus, the project carries some educational element, as the player is in direct contact with history.

The basis of the gameplay is a system of fighting between players, as between two (duel), and among several. At the moment, every Friday warring factions face in the fight for the flag in Tobruk.

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Meine Front, 3.0 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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