Life is Feudal: Your Own

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Life is Feudal: Your Own” (LiF:YO) is a medieval life simulator for 64 players on a 3km x 3km gameworld. It places you in a realistic medieval setting with the ability to host your own private world and set your own rules. This world has free terraforming and building features. You can build your own house anywhere in the world! Team up with your friends and build a village or city and repel attacks by other players who want to steal your lands and slaughter your cattle! A good castle with tall city walls might help you protect yourselves and your precious valuables.

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Life is Feudal: Your Own, 2.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

3 Responses to “Life is Feudal: Your Own”

  • Anon says:

    The game shows not free on its website, someone move this to where it needs to me.

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  • admin says:

    Hello Anon if you check the FAQ page on the main Life is Feudal website here – it states the following:

    Q: What is this game payment model?

    A: Life is Feudal: Your Own is based on the typical B2P (buy to play) model – this does include server files that allows you to create your own server on your home PC. After purchasing this game no further payment is required at any point.

    This is why we have it in the Buy to Play and Free to Play sections. Buy to play means you pay for the CD or Download of the game while Pay to Play would mean you pay a reoccurring payment of some type.

    I hope I was able to clear up your confusion!

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  • Callingyouout says:

    What Anon meant was that this game is listed as free to play, while it most certainly is not.
    And then you pretend to explain something to someone while you’re way off.
    Learn to read, admin.
    And even after all this time you haven’t removed it from the F2P list.

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