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Link- http://www.kaneva.com/


The World of Kaneva is a free virtual world, where you can make new friends, hang out together, and have fun.

A digital metropolis full of cool hangouts, interesting people, and entertainment hot spots, Kaneva’s free virtual world offers you an immersive 3D experience where you can play games, shop, or build your dream home. Bring your friends, your favorite videos and music… bring your imagination, and step into our free virtual world, the World of Kaneva.

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Kaneva, 3.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

2 Responses to “Kaneva”

  • kenny says:

    I played this years ago and enjoyed it somewhat definitely not the prettiest nor best looking virtual world out there but fair anyways.I decided to give it another shot a few weeks ago and could not believe what I saw after 2007 when I first left I thought surely they would have made the world look a lot better and improve the graphics.Sadly they look the same if not even uglier and worse then they previously did years ago.There are too many bugs to count in the world too its just an utter nuisance .Even the characters do not look interesting or the slightest bit good sadly.

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  • Damn No Way. says:

    Ummm, from somewhat, i really hate this game. From what it was in 2007 year and looking at it now… Every good cloth is for credits. Now to add some music tones you need your 9 dollars to buy VIP pass monthly. Big costs for Credits, and only able for credit card. Seriously? Why did they put ”Age from 14” then? The little bit things what you cant buy by phone, now is only able on credit card. Its not fair. The Kaneva has gotten Laggy also.
    So Naww, its not worth downloading again, and wasting time, becouse its an money business. You seriously cant do nothing, if you dont have an Vip Pass/Ap Pass or credits.

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