Islands Of War

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The world of Talgania has changed and where there once was one solid land mass many islands have formed. After the cataclysm it took many years for nature to repair the damage that was done. Now wildlife flourishes again on some islands and grass pastures can be found once more. New creatures have risen up from the change in the environment and roam the different islands. Many different climates can be found on the various islands that can range from hot tropical beaches to cold icy mountain glaciers.

Traveling and trading has once more commenced after discovery of how to unlock the magical portals that had been scattered across the world by an unknown race. As well as opening new frontiers on islands that had never previously been visited some nearly miraculous discoveries have been made. One of those is of Stonecutter Cove, the first frontier that was explored outside the fractured human homeland.

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Islands Of War, 1.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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