Hockey Dash

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Hockey Dash is a fast-paced sports game that combines ice hockey and street hockey.  It takes the energy and tension of ice hockey and utilizes them in fast-paced street hockey to form a strategic hockey game that requires skill and decisive plats to conquer opponents.

Just like ice hockey, one must expose the opponent’s weak spots to successfully score, and since the game utilizes real street skating physics, one must be dexterous and agile with movement for maximum success.

You must also create breakaway chances and one timers to score and fully utilize body checking and various contact moves to keep your opponents in check.

Hockey Dash strays away from rules that can bog down the game and solely focuses on teamwork and heavier contact moves for offense and defence, so someone who is just getting into hockey can equally enjoy the game as someone who is more experienced. Nevertheless, it still requires creative strategies to form an edge over your opponent.

Hockey Dash takes various places of the world for teh hockey rink environment so taht players can meet diverse groups of people in a diverse environments and encourages community activities by playing with them in a league match or tournaments for a higher level of achievement.

In the match mode you can freely vreate teams with other users to go against many users online or utilize AI NPC team to fill up the missing spots. Single player modes offer various mini-games and missions with leader boards to gain in game currency (Pax) or other items.

Unique and Dynamic new breed of sport online game — be the champion in an arena Hockey Dash.

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Hockey Dash, 2.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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