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Hello hero is the epic fast-paced mobile MMORPG sweeping the globe.  With stunning 3d graphics, hundreds of playable heroes, and multiple game modes you can battle with friends online to become the ultimate hero!

In this epic, fast-paced RPG , players will journey with a team of five heroes across the Planet of Armon, battling against evil forces with sharp swords and powerful magic while gaining experience. As players build up their roster of Heroes, from guitar-playing cact…us to a seductive succubus or a spear-wielding shark, they will be able to change up their gameplay style while accumulating massive wealth, which can be used to acquire more heroes or build up combat statistics.

Hello Hero features more than 200 unique characters that can be used to take on about 90 mission stages, Boss Raids and Player vs. Player arenas spread across a variety of environments including forests, oceans and dungeons. Every three days, players will be able to participate online together against a World Boss, combining their teams’ strengths and abilities to win epic battles.

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Hello Hero, 3.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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