Grand Epic Online

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As the restrain of technology, most web games are strategic play or turn-based combat. So they feel less excited as weak feeling of substitution. Grand Epic Online breaks through this technical chock point to use a popular real-time combat game play. It provides the excitement to use plenty of hot keys for real-time combat. Besides, to enhance the dynamic feeling of skill using, there is double-hit result which only appears in 3D MMO games when using skills in Grand Epic Online. It’s definitely an epochal creative pioneering work to use real-time combat gameplay in Grand Epic Online.

  • Thousands of Captivating Quests with Auto-navigation System
  • Pet and Mount System
  • Real-time Dress Display System
  • Practical Party System
  • Creative Instance System
  • Funny Crazy Shapeshift Skill

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Grand Epic Online, 3.7 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

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  • Reneboy says:

    it’s so interesting to play this game!!!!

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