Fortune Online

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Instant Access Anywhere

Built in Flash, this online action RPG represents the cutting edge in browser gaming. Access the game from any computer with an internet connection instantly. Fortune Online is perfect for gaming on the go, when your time is limited and you need to satisfy that craving for a classic action RPG experience.

Everything for Free!

Fortune Online is completely free to play! There are no monthly subscription fees to worry about. There are no zones, level caps, etc. that must be unlocked through purchase. Players have the option to access everything in the game at absolutely no cost.

Multiplayer Action!

You don’t have to go at it alone in Fortune Online! Explore the depths of dungeons with up to three friends simultaneously as you battle hordes of unique monsters. Battle in groups with friends, or find others in need and take on the depths of Fortune Online’s treacherous dungeons.

Dragon Points & Leaderboards!

Race to the top of the leaderboard by gaining Dragon Points! The more monsters you kill, the more Dragon Points you gain. Get a kill streak going to attain a higher multiplier in which you will earn Dragon Points at an exponential rate. As you earn increasingly more Dragon Points, you will advance through each tier and be rewarded!

Deeper Dungeons!

At the heart of every action RPG lies the dungeon experience. Fortune Online offers this classic dungeon crawling game play instantly. Take your character and fight your way through various dungeon environments, killing monsters for items to make your character ever stronger. At the bottom of each dungeon awaits an imposing boss. Can you rise to the challenge?

Dragon Virtues!

Gear in Fortune Online is more than just simple stat enhancements, it is a means of character customization. As you collect Dragon Virtues (special, magically imbued gems) you gain in elemental power. Some gems even give you special bonus attacks. Combinations of gems give the game effectively 6 different Elemental builds. However, unlike other RPGs, any combination of gems and abilities can be powerful. Fortune Online offers the player a multitude of customizing options.

Classes & Skills!

Choose your destiny as you take the path of a vengeful Warrior or noble Paladin. Choose abilities that fit your play style from unique skill pools. Each path offers a different experience!
•Warrior – The Warrior class is a one-on-one melee specialist with many heavy hitting skills. Build up Warrior’s Fury by dealing or taking damage to unleash a barrage of devastating special attacks.
• Paladin – The Paladin class favors taking out multiple enemies at once. She uses special invocations to call upon attacks that rain down upon her enemies. The more enemies vanquished the more destructive her spells become.

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Fortune Online, 2.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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