Empire and State

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Empire & State is a new breed of massively multiplayer online world.  As in the real world, Empire & State will be driven by business, politics, crime, and warfare. You could step into the shoes of a CEO, President, Criminal Mastermind, or General, but you’ll need real world skills to be successful.

From the Lead Designer of Demigod
•Free to play, empire-based, massively multiplayer
• Play in a world inhabited by thousands of other players with agendas of their own where subterfuge, surprise and excitement exist at every turn
• Cooperate and work with other real players to build empires, businesses and criminal syndicates

Choose Your Path to Power
•Democratically, through politics, followers and charisma
• Militarily, through cunning strategy, military force and supremacy
• From the shadows, through information, corruption, bribes and espionage
• Economically, through influencing, sponsoring and funding the fate of elections and warfare

No More Boring Grind
• Influence the world with your creations and wealth or start revolutions to overthrow corruption and bring freedom!
• Seize power through the force of your personality, wisdom of your judgments, and sharpness of your cunning
• Be the master of your own fate and make your name in the world of business, politics, crime, or war
• Fight for your cartel and empire to achieve world dominance

Earn Your Place in History
• Lead your empire to global dominance and economic supremacy
• Forge mighty empires, multinational corporations, or underground crime syndicates in a world of cut-throat competition
• Build an empire or business that leaves your lasting name and legacy on the world
• Become wealthy, powerful and influential in an exciting futuristic world

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Empire and State, 3.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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