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Core Blaze is Gamania Digital Entertainment Group’s epic 3D MMORPG for 2011, developed with the next generation Unreal Engine 3. It takes adventure-seekers into an epic Eastern fantasy world, embarking on journeys through an array of different landscapes.

Core Blaze features a high degree of freedom in weapon selection, and players can choose different weapons at will right before assaults on a battlefield. Players can, for example, adopt an offensive strategy to equip the Sword & Shield today, switch to the Great Sword tomorrow and change to the Long Bow in group missions.  Along with equipment and combat skills, the attributes that players acquire after they gain more experience will become core elements affecting combat effectiveness on the battlefield. Immediate actions that players take in a battle, tempos of attacks, angles of attacks and even supportive actions to go with your teammates’ moves are all keys to winning in the adventure.

In sophisticated game scenes, crises and mysteries are hidden inside some seemingly insignificant places, and players will need to adopt different strategies to work around them. For instance, when a cliff is right in front of you, you can work with your teammates to cross it; or, to cross an impassable river, you and your partners can cut down trees along the riverbank to build a quick bridge! The immediate interaction system not only tests the ability of players to inspect the surrounding environment, but also stimulates the creativity of players.

Compared to traditional MMORPG games, Core Blaze feels more like an action game – in addition to the main weapon system and specific solutions, the game also features a novel concept – immediate interaction – the immediate interaction system will randomly generate complicated and unpredictable missions and bosses that players need to take different approaches to defeat. So, players can enjoy uninterrupted surprises and thrilling anticipation in Core.

In Core Blaze, exploration is another unique element. Missions are designed to include main plots and sub plots, and the scenes will change based on players’ game progress, weather, and time… and so on.  So, even in the same scene, the environment and assigned routes will not be identical, and the AI, skills and strengths of monsters players encounter will be different. So, players are motivated to explore further in Core Blaze.

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Core Blaze, 3.7 out of 5 based on 11 ratings

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  • clyde says:

    is this available at global…philippines?

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  • automate117 says:

    How can u even rate this a 3.9 when its not even out for either beta or in the game con center. You sir r ignorant. U really dont know how to rate games.

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    Rating: -1 (from 1 vote)
  • admin says:

    If you look next to the rating it says 10 votes at the time of this reply. lets our users rate the games.

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