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Contasion 2 is a top-down 3D, open world action game which is almost entirely multiplayer based. Players have the ability to roam the streets and connect with other online players. With up to 24 players in a server, the rules are created by you; tear up the streets of Pliston and steal from shops, or just chill out with your newly-imported supercar. Players can earn money through a number of ways including truck deliveries and robberies, lottery winnings and betting. Money can be spent through purchasing a house or garage, show your wealth to other players with your detached new-build property where you can store money and weapons. But beware: looters are on the loose, so you might want to protect your house with a house pet. With up to a dozen weapons in Contasion, and a wide variety of vehicles worth stealing, the game provides endless fun.

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CONTASION 2, 2.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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