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In CardMon Hero you summon cards called Mercenary cards to relase powerful atrtacks on your foes.  Hundreds of mercenary cards may be collected and summoned in order to use various mercenary during the battle. Even though the summoning time is limited, they may be re-summoned into the battle field after the cooling time. Therefore, the death of mercenaries will not affect the use of mercenary cards in future battles.  You can get stronger cards by combining ingredients written on the mercenary, skill and recipe cards, card skills may be improved or created.

CardMon Hero also offers an extensive gaming world. Players may move around the map by using the zone transportation mode. Since each map is connected to various quests, players will experience various  types of maps during their quests. 

Special missions are given for each hunting mode and high experience points, mission points and rare items are awarded to those who complete the mission. Mission points may be accumulated to increase the hunting difficulty levels to face against strong monsters. Also, accumulated mission points are  calculated to rank the players. Rare items are given to the high-ranked players.

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CardMon Hero, 2.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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