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As I first set sail into the new fully 3D Browser-based MMORPG Title Captains of DarkTide I could not help but admire the beautiful realistic water, and landscape all set in the golden age of piracy. As soon as you log into the vast Ocean world you are put right into combat with enemy pirate ships, and flying mystical drakes. Completing quests that helps ready your arsenal and teaching the ropes of the game. It is easy to forget all this is running straight from your browser with no download required.

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Captains of DarkTide lets you customize your ship from the very start by choosing your flag shape, colors, and emblem. While in game you can upgrade your ship with items forged from your sunken enemy’s to create better cannons, or hire different crew members such as bowmen, and Ballistas to support you in battle. When you progress you can construct bigger and better war vessels to aid you in your cause.

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This is one game that actually takes skill! While in battle if you sit with your sails up you will be sunk. You will learn quickly while in battle with a flying enemy such as the Drake you must keep your ship port side or starboard so your cannons can take aim. The higher your level the more skills you will have to support you. Such as fire bolt which launches a giant fire arrow towards your enemy causing massive damage. At the moment there are 60 skills total spread out in three different categories; Defensive (Defense skills), Commander (Support Skills), and Destroyer (Attack Skills).

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Altho the game is still in very early BETA stages Captains of DarkTide offers much to plunder in the open seas. With a huge world to explore you will keep track of all your Achievements and quests in your captains log. Or you can always find a treasure or two through treasure maps dropped by your foes. The waters are yours to explore! The best part is it’s absolutely Free!

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