Broken Realm

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A hero is needed! Vidalia has fallen into dark times, riddled with strife, murder, and a growing evil presence. With over 20 stunning locations, thousands of quests and events, a captivating story line, and unique game mechanics, you’ll be hard pressed to find another game like this any time soon!

Powerful beast companions and majestic mounts await you! Broken Realm opens up the entire world for players to claim as their own! Tame any creature to be your humble companion and flaunt your power as you scour the land on the back of your favorite mount!

Don’t just slaughter your enemies, learn from them! Increase your world knowledge by killing monsters and collecting the valuable items they drop. Walk the path of Wisdom from student to master to increase your Battle Rating and stats.

Strut your stuff as king of the realm by defeating your fellow players in Broken Realm’s many PvP areas. Dungeons, battlegrounds, arenas, guild wars, and more all let you dominate the field as you engender awe-inspiring fear throughout the world!

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Broken Realm, 2.8 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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