Battle of the Immortals 1.8 Content Update

The wait is over! Get ready as we reveal a plethora of new features in the Battle of the Immortals 1.8 Content Update. Players will discover new skills, maps, quests, pets, mechanics and more.

Content Update Features:
• Mount Olympus – Challenging new end game content with new high level boss encounters
• Shadow Manor – Raid the new, sprawling dungeon with over 90 players
• New Class Skills – All classes will receive three new skills, including one that will be universal among classes
• New Zodiac pets including Pisces, Aries and Latamantis

Soul Gear upgrade system
• All Soul Gear starting at 45 will be upgradeable to the next tier – with all upgrades and gems intact. This will apply for 45 to 60, 60 to 75, 75 to 90, and 90 to 100 upgrade tiers.

Decreased difficulty of obtaining stardusts
• Both starwords and stardusts will be easier to obtain

Decreased costs
• Embedding gems will be made cheaper
• Exhaustion of soul jade combining will be lowered, allowing more soul jades to be combined per day

New vendor system
• All vendor stalls in a particular map will be accessible through one menu.

New guild functions
• Free double experience crystal for each guild member daily
• New “Guild Popularity” system, where guild members can increase their guilds popularity rating based off their in-game activities
• Rewards for guild members in leadership roles – reward is based on a questionnaire about their quality of leadership by the regular guild members
• New guild quests

As you can see, a wide array of gameplay aspects are undergoing a number of interesting changes. The guild system is definitely home to many of these improvements, and we’re looking forward to increased functionality and player involvement in their respective guilds.

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