Aurora Blade

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Aurora Seaport used to be a nearly wasted mainland. It buzzes into activity once again, because many adventurers ferry upon it to explores its’fable and treasures. So it was also known as “Adventurer Ferry” as well.

Unfortunately, corruption from evil forces soon spread around the whole continent. With the mushrooming growth of dangers and legends,many adventurers from around the world, gathered in “Adventurer Ferry”. Adventurer Ferry is the only safe place in this corrupted continent. Nobody knows what the future lies for the adventurers; as it to be worship as a hero or to be ladden down by death. However, it is impossible that everyone can become a hero. And yet,nobody plans to leave Adventurer Ferry, because they come along with their dreams from a far distance.

At the very beginning, not every adventurer possessed the abilities to defeat the evil beings. When fighting with evil beings,the earliest group of adventurers found ways to learn the evil beings’skills and abilities. After through their endless confrontations with evil beings, continual learning and training,soon,some ordinary races became powerful and learned magic abilities from Mother Nature. It becomes the necessity for adventurer,to possess these special abilities in their survival in such a chaos continent.

Nobody knows the origin of the evil beings. There are hundreds of legends and fables about the evil from these battle-wised heroes and adventurers. However, one statement stood out, with a sentence engraved on the stele in the front of the Prophet Palace, in Pipo City which say that, “The Heart Demon knows you well, but you know nothing about it. It exists in everyone’s heart and in the most time, it is impossible to defeat it. It is your biggest enemy.”

As an adventurer,you may have heard something about this Heart Demon;which has been told in beautiful story called Aurora’s Legend. The legend relates to something evil which exist in the continent. However,legend has it,that it is always beautiful and attractive all the time,no matter what danger lurks behind.
What are you waiting for?Pick up your arms and rein the nature’s power!
Blaze! Tempest! Frost!
Whip out all evils!
You can stand towering like a giant and become a hero of the new continent!

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Aurora Blade, 2.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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