Asheron’s Call

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The Portal to Dereth Has Opened!
Welcome to the online role-playing game Asheron’s Call, where thousands of players inhabit a beautiful 3D fantasy world to make friends and seek out perilous adventure. Customize your alter ego with a unique appearance and balance of heroic skills, then enter a magical frontier of terrible monsters, breathtaking vistas, and fast alliances. With over 500 square miles that offer ever more wonders to explore, Asheron’s Call gives you a world of unparalleled scope and freedom, the richest setting yet for creating your personal saga or joining your friends in an epic campaign.

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Asheron's Call, 3.4 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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  • Coolman says:

    Asheron’s Call is by far the best MMO I have played. While some people may be turned off by its out dated graphics and UI, the game itself is still ground breaking to this day. AC holds many features that no popular modern MMO has.

    These features include:

    Calling AC’s world gigantic is an understatement. Unlike most modern MMOs AC has a real sense of wilderness and getting lost in no mans land. Their are no zones or linear mountain passes that take you to a new area that looks vastly different from the area next door. AC feels like the real world feels. Vast and huge with endless exploration possibilities.

    In Asheron’s Call there are no classes. Instead when you create your character you choose what skills and attributes they have. As you gain experience in the game you spend it on your skills and attributes how you see fit. This makes your character more powerful. Gaining levels earns you skill points so you can “purchase” new skills for your character, thus allowing you to raise them with XP. You can even raise RUN and JUMP to make your character super fast and jump super high!

    In a lot modern MMOs fighting off 5 monsters at once in considered a big deal. In AC fighting off 500 monsters at once is a big deal!

    In Asheron’s Call you can dodge projectiles (arrows and spells) by jumping out of the way or diving behind something. This makes it more realistic and interactive.

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