Aida Arenas

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Five Unique Classes:

Play as one of five unique character classes, each with their own fighting style, skills, and abilities.

Personalize Your Character:

Over 800 items, armors, and skills are yours to collect! Change your character’s look and appearance, while also expanding their abilities.

Find and Make Your Own Items – “Enchant them”:

Give weapons magic abilities, test your luck enhancing them, and even craft your own from materials you find in Aida.

Class-based Combat:

Each different character class has their own unique fighting style, creating an exciting strategic battle system.

Co-Operative Story Mode:

Play through the Aida Arenas story alone or with up to 4 other players.

Competitive PvP Modes:

Face-off with up to 16 other players in action-packed modes like Arena Hustle – where you fight on moving stages!

Party System:

Earn bonus items and experience for playing together with your friends and other players.

Fun Social Features:

Create a friends list or form a clan and rise the ranks to become the top adventurer in all the land!

Collect Chickens:

That’s right! Collect chickens that lay eggs filled with valuable items, including: Rare Items, and pets.

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Aida Arenas, 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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