Age of Empires Online

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The fate of an empire is in your hands, and from your Capital City you will strengthen your economy, improve your technologies, and embark on quests to expand your influence across the Mediterranean. Custom-design your Capital City as it grows into a center for civilization, using blueprints to build custom buildings that open doors to the rest of the world.

Craft Halls can be constructed in your Capital City. Each Craft Hall allows you to create a variety of Advisors and equipment that enhance different units in the game.

To expand your empire, you’ll establish settlements across the world. You can choose from various buildings to help you get a foothold in foreign lands, and you can select from many types of units to gather your resources, defend your territories, and defeat your enemies.


Your empire is gaining notoriety and strength but not enough to tackle your greatest challenges. Alliance is the key. Call upon your closest allies and unite against your foes. You can finish many quests faster with your LIVE friends and reap the benefits of your alliances. For some of the toughest quests, you may find that you can only finish with friends. Once your combined forces lay the enemies to rest, all that’s left is to gather the spoils.

Player vs. Player:

You’re on your way to conquering the known world, yet you thirst for greater challenges. Test the civilization you’ve built and your ability to make tactical and strategic decisions. How will your civilization fare against other rising, formidable powers? Find out in the player vs. player game. You can fight against other players or your LIVE friends—the game randomly generates maps for battle. Some PvP wins get you experience points. Some give you only the satisfaction of grinding your opponents into the dust.

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Age of Empires Online, 3.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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