9 Empires

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9 Empires is a MMO Strategy game set in a  fantasy world.  The game features both RPG and Strategy features. Throughout the game players will build cities and train heroes to command your armies. The interactive battles against Computer AI and other players offer a wide range of tactical possibilities and require skill. 9 Empires also offers an intricate crafting system that players can combine with skills, magical powers and thousands of items to create truly awe-inspiring heroes.

A unique mix of strategy and role-playing in a fantasy setting – play in your browser without any installation! Other features are the huge maps 9 Empires has to offer, a hero development comparable to nothing else and fully controllable battles! A detailed list of features and unique in game possibilities can be found here.

Orcs, humans, elves, or undead. The typical races of fantasy games and have often been seen. We decided to go a little further than just the basic races. So in addition we are proud to present: Ghosts, Sirens, Underground, Highlanders and Underworlders to the selection. Each race comes with their own town architecture and different troop types!

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9 Empires, 2.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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